Davinci Resolve installation

Selam guys,

Anyone has any experience with installing and successfully running davinci resolve on pardus ?

How hard to install ?

Performance ?

Thanks in advance.

Davinci requires GPU driver which is installed and worked well…
If your graphic card works properly, DR runs.
On the other hand, Davinci Resolve runs slower by comparison similar ones.


I’ve never used Davinci Resolve before, but I found a good guide online. Except for the installation of Nvidia drivers, all commands are compatible with Pardus (because in the article it downloads from Ubuntu’s software, so in any non-Ubuntu-based distribution, that command probably wouldn’t work there, just like in Pardus.)
If you are not using Nvidia as a video card, there is nothing that concerns you. If you are using it, you can install it in Pardus from :arrow_down:

Driver installation for Nvidia graphics card (if you use Nvidia graphic card)

First we download the application that will allow us to find the suitable package:

sudo apt install nvidia-detect

Then we start the application with administrator permission:

sudo nvidia-detect

After running this command, the application will suggest us the appropriate driver package. Among the output of the command we find the following expression: (The package suggested by the application may be different.)

It is recommended to install the

Since the package suggested here is nvidia-driver package, we are downloading this package. You must download the package that the app recommends to you:

sudo apt install nvidia-driver

Restart your computer after installation.

Source (Turkish)

Link to Davinci Resolve installation guide: https://github.com/flolu/davinci-resolve-linux

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I did install the nvidia -driver as said (thanks a lot for the instruction)

I also installed Davinci via the .run file

this is the instruction a get

and when I try to update configuration there is no gpu displayed

anyone any idea what to do ?

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Driver is not working properly as I said before…
Unfortunately, Nvidia cards don’t work well on Linux distros…
Remember what Linus said about Nvidia :slight_smile:
If you don’t have specific reasons using DR, use Kdenlive…


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Bu konu son yanıttan 30 gün sonra otomatik olarak kapatıldı. Yeni yanıt girilmesine izin verilmiyor.