Do some installations have a risk of spyware?

Good morning.
Pardus is sold as a strong distribution for some Turkish institutions.
But I see that Steam is accessible via Pardus Store (I foresee to install it separately on its own hard drive).

Am I really right to be suspicious of Steam ?
Should I trust Synaptic and Pardus Store ?

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You should be able to see the disclaimer in “Steam” application details in the Pardus Store, thus the responsibility of how it works after installation is on end-user. However, the installation of the package it self is safe. We throughly checking our packages before publishing.

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You can see which application is free or nonfree in the Pardus Store. If you want to install a nonfree app you should check the app’s privacy policy or smth…As the developer say they are checking the packages before publishing. And maybe you know that (if you dont you should know) the Pardus motto is “for freedom”. This distribution made for our freedom.

Have a good day with Pardus.

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Is it conceivable that the TUBİTAK team install Steam on Pardus and monitor his behavior all the time ?

Let’s just think that the TUBITAK is a car producer. TUBITAK says “Our cars are very safety and they will protect you on the way”. It doesn’t mean that TUBITAK is monitoring you 7/24 for using your safety belt or not…

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