Help troubleshooting android-tools-*** issue with fastboot

Hi All,

has any body here in the forum installed android-tools-adb & android-tools-fastboot on there Pardus 19.5 system and got it to function?

I installed both, adb works but fastboot is installed ok but giving any response?

I type [ sudo fastboot device ] or [ sudo fastboot devices ] and nothing, dead in the water.

Is anybody able to help me troubleshoot as to why this is not working?

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when I type sudo adb devices … I get my phone listed as expected.
when i type sudo adb reboot bootloader … it reboots the phone into download mode as expected


when I type sudo fastboot devices … I get the “waiting for any devices” message.

have I installed adb & fastboot incorrectly? anybody care to shed some light?

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I’m not exactly sure, but have you turned on the usb debugging on your device?

sudo apt install adb fastboot

Activate Developer options from your phone and enable USB Debugging mode. Connect your phone to the computer with cable.
The status of your phone will appear with the adb devices command. (no need for authorized access.)

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I have done the whole developer options and usb debugging activation bit of the whole process. It was the easiest part of it all.

it is after I install the software that I run into problems. adb seems to work almost effortlessly but it is when I try to use fastboot is when I have problems.

So I am thinking now that maybe my initial program install source may be faulty i.e. missing dependencies OR I have missing permissions in Pardus which is causing the fastboot command to go into a infinite wait time or just doesn’t recognize the device.

KaptanTR are you a developer in the Pardus team? why are there so many instructional video’s in TR, but no instructional video’s in english?

are you guys not interested in your Pardus distro going wide spread? All the initial stuff like Pisi and all the rest received some very high praise.

I am not working at Pardus and I have no connection to Pardus.

Use ADB and fastboot commands:

  1. Package installation: sudo apt install adb fastboot

  2. Usb debugging settings on my phone are as shown in the photo:

  3. Connect your phone to the computer using a usb cable.

  4. Run the adb devices command on the terminal and look at the screen of your phone:

    :white_check_mark: Allow your computer to access your phone.

  5. Now your computer can access your phone, so you can use the ADB command.

  6. You need to switch your phone to fastboot mode to run Fastboot commands. Power off your phone. After press and hold the power button along with the Volume Down button on your phone, and wait until the fastboot screen appears.

  7. You can now run fastboot commands.
    fastboot komutu

  8. You can use the adb reboot command to restart your phone while it is on. You can use the –help parameter to see the available commands. like adb --help or fastboot --help.


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