How clean residual packages?

Good morning.

In update Pardus icon → settings → Package status :
Run “sudo apt purge pkgname” to clean them.

But command never work and I can’t install pkgname…

“pkgname” is a placeholder for Package Name. You should change it with the package you want to remove.

For example to delete VLC completely:

# Removes VLC completely
sudo apt purge vlc

If you want to remove the packages which they aren’t needed anymore, you can use:

# Removes unnecessary packages that are no longer needed.
sudo apt autoremove
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I did not make the connection.
Thank you for your reply.

It’s tedious and almost impossible to do for each package.
Is there a trick to erase everything at once?

What are you trying to achieve I didn’t understand? Can you be more spesific?

Why do you want to remove all packages? What do you want exactly?

You can purge multiple packages like this:

sudo apt purge pack1 pack2 pack3

Also you can remove multiple packages starting with same letters:

# Deletes all the packages starting with electron
sudo apt purge electron*

I want just clean what I see in “update indicator”

If there is an update notification, there are packages that need to be updated.
Can you try these commands?

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt update
sudo apt autoclean -y
sudo apt full-upgrade -y
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Sudo Apt AutoClean --purge -y

Don’t work I have :
E: The --Purge option of the command line is not recognized when used with other options.

try without purge:

sudo apt autoclean
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I would like to warn about using the command for remove multiple packages starting with same letters.
For example : sudo apt purge libkf5*

I deleted the package that manages the internet (although I had a warning).
Which forced me to re-install Pardus.

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