LVM crypted slowed down the system?

Hi !
Some say on the internet that an encrypting disk takes resources (processor…) and slows down system.
But you can see on Youtube that with a special USB key could override the password request and access the user’s account.
Having an encrypting disk would be the only protection.
I still install Linux with “LVM crypted”.

Actually I testing an installation without LVM and encrypting on my entry-level computer…
For now I just noticed slowdown as disappeared on TV program broadcaster’s website.

After few weeks of use Pardus LVM crypted”, I don’t find any difference or slowdown.

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On low level systems slowdown will be more significant

Hello, please install Bleachbit in order to clean your system. After applying below immediately restart your device. I assume you you can shutdown and restart your device and don’t have important files in your system (ex: Bookmarks).

  • Disconnect from the net permanently

  • Disable screen locking, hibernate etc…

  • Open up Bleachbit and its settings to enable low level cleaning setting, it might be something like: Overwrite, pass or low level.

  • Close the dialog box.

  • On the left menu select all except than “Free disk space”

  • After the restart do opposite: Sudo / without sudo.

  • Restart your device and connect to the net

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