Pardus 17.3 is released!

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The most up to date version of the operating system Pardus 17.3 is released. It includes a lot of new features and some improvements. You can reach the download images below.

:cd: Pardus 17.3-XFCE ISO Installation Image

:cd: Pardus 17.3-DDE ISO Installation Image

:dvd: Pardus 17.2 Server ISO Installation Image

:orange_book: Pardus 17.3 Installation Manual (Turkish)

:bookmark_tabs: Pardus 17.3 Release Notes (Turkish)

:calendar: Pardus Release Management Calendar (Turkish)

Please Note: You can use the following commands in a terminal to upgrade your existing Pardus 17, Pardus 17.1 and Pardus 17.2 installations. You do not need to download the image files manually.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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