Pardus 21.3 XFCE AutoLogin missing support

I installed 21.3 XFCE and tried to set the ‘Password: Asked on login’ to disable password prompt.

The coding support for this feature is missing.

I was able to manually make the following modifications to automatically login without the password prompt:


I am not a developer so I do not know if all of these parameters are required. I came up with these parameters by searching other posts relating to the subject autologin lightdm.conf.
The comments in the system supplied configuration file are insufficient documentation for the user to define the minimum required parameters particularly autologin-session.

The line autologin-user should point to the linux user you want automatically logged in to the session autologin-session. My posting was edited and the placeholder was removed.

As i know it’s a missing for XFCE desktop environment. Not only for Pardus. There is no way to activate “autologin” on XFCE by using UI (repeating -as i know).

KDE and GNOME have this feature on graphic interface.

Btw editing some config files on Linux is an ordinary thing. No need to be a developer :smiley:

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Hİ Gene Soo
Perform the following actions, respectively please.
pardus software center → Store → Lens (searching) → "gnome-control-center- write please → Load please.
Open the “xfce4-terminal” program → sudo apt install gnome-control-center → enter


Thanks for pointing this out. You suggestion is much more easier to accomplish this change.
I did not try any of the other possible fields that this dialog controls.

I did try installing and running gnome-control-center in a terminal session.
This application did make changes to the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file to achieve the AutoLogin password suppression and the reverse of resuming password prompting. The parameters set in that file were not what I documented in my comments. Someone in development needs to sort out whether the changes that this GNOME application is performing is appropriate for XFCE.

I ran this application on xfce and there was no problem. :raising_hand_man:

Girişte parola sorma kutucuğuna işaretleme yapamıyorum.

Selamlar Bekir bey.
Aşağıdaki adımlardan birini takip edebilirsiniz.

  1. Pardus Yazılım Merkezi → Depo → Arama → "gnome-control-center- yazın lütfen → yükleyin lütfen.
  2. Uçbirimi (xfce4-termina) açın → sudo apt install gnome-control-center → bu komuttqan sonra entere basarak kurun.
  3. Ardından “Pardus→Sistem” yolunu izleyerek “Parental Controls” programını çalıştırın ve işinizi halledin.
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Mesut Canatan, thanks to you I solved my problem. Faruk Göller, thanks to you, I learned that this problem is caused by XFCE. Big thanks to both of you.

sudo mousepad /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf


autologin-user= (user name) kullanıcı adı

yazınca otomatik giriş çalıştı. :slight_smile:

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