Pardus Linux or Apple Mac?

Hi !
What I look for in a computer is the speed: loading, starting, surfing the internet and… silence.
Watch videos in HD and why not play a few games.
Apple Mac Mini or iMac with its in-house processor M1 seems to actually best and beautiful computers (for a few years).
But with the 800-1400 euros that Mac costs, I can increase my current Pardus computer with better motherboard, memory, SSD, processor.
Can mid- or high-end AMD processors compete with the M1?
Can I assemble a Linux computer that can look good against the Mac?
What is your opinion (especially if you use Linux as well as Mac) ?

Its all related with your decision. Comparing two processors is so difficult, especially while these two processor have different architectures. AMD is based on CISC architecture, it means this architecture brings within itself all the commands necessary for these operations to perform extremely complex operations. M1 and also all ARM processors, based on RISC architecture, it means this architecture includes very simple architecture. In this perspective these two architecture must be compared in different manners.

On the other hand you are trying to compare Pardus with MacOSX the prespective ise also related with your needs. For example, if your needs strictly related with Apple products or studio programs (for instance Adobe products) you must use an MacOSX or probably Windows. Because these products are DRM, Pardus doesn’t include DRM like other Linux distros. If you are not stucked into a software, you can try Pardus in your own machine.

In addition, Mac M1 devices not yet have linux support. So if you think take a M1 device, you will probably use MacOSX for a long time.

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Of course Pardus Linux.

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I would like to have the opinion of someone who uses a new Mac and PC gaming (with Linux).
What are the differences in startup speed, disk access, speed of internet browsing, headache to use, responsiveness of the system.
As the Mac is custom made (processor, memory, system) while Linux on a high-quality PC could be underutilized…

M1 is an ARM CPU, it has it’s own problems. It’s not that bright. Not every developer wanna develop programs for the ARM CPU’s just because Apple just released an ARM based laptop.

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