Pardus steam proton gta 5 oynama

I have the same issue with my Nvidia 1070 card. I discovered from logs the crash happens because of missing nvapi64.dll. Disabling the library via winecfg did not help, so I had to resort to changing device id as described in Configuration · doitsujin/dxvk Wiki · GitHub.
The game launches now and works with a decent frame rate.

This is exactly how I managed to make the game work:

  1. Created gta_dxvk.conf file:
dxgi.customDeviceId = E366
dxgi.customVendorId = 1002
  1. Went to the game properties and set launch options:
DXVK_CONFIG_FILE=/path/to/gta_dxvk.conf %command%

By the way, wine-staging has a stub implementation for nvapi and nvapi64. So I guess this is why a lot of people reporting gtav working with wine and dxvk without an issuçee.

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