Pardus Store 0.1.0

Pardus Store

Pardus Store is an application store front-end for GNU/Linux based operating systems.

It is currently a work in progress. Maintenance is done by Pardus team.

Currently the server side of the store is on a test environment and can be updated to a dedicated server in the future.

0.1.0 Version Notes

Still work in progress. Will be packaged with Pardus 17.3 point releases.

Some changes:

  • Added fullscreen window view and a fullscreen button.
  • Added an “Installed” button to application list items.
  • Added option to disable animations.
  • Added option to set the column number shown in application list.
  • Added store opening scenario setting.
  • Fixed package manager source list correction (reset) setting.
  • Fixed corruption of category symbols with high resolution images.
  • Fixed an issue that caused segmentation faults.
  • Performance improvements done to navigation bar and search panel.
  • Changed Swipeview structure to Stackview to focus on desktop use.
  • Made some visual improvements.
  • Bumped version from alpha to 0.1.0 beta.
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