Possible to verify Pardus USB flash drive ?

(martin) #1

Good morning.
It’s too hard to understant in Ubuntu how verify ISO :

So I use ISO.torrent and after create the USB stick I check it with the option at the boot.

For Pardus Live USB when I launch the USB flash drive, I click on and I select Check the CDrom integrity.
I have always the result : integrety test failed…corrupted.

I download Pardus torrent at https://distrowatch.com/ or iso at https://forum.pardus.org.tr, use mkusb or Pardus image writer but I have same result with the check !

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(Mahmut Elmas) #2

if you are on Windows Try Rufus but select DD mode while writing.

And try verification check again… Tell us the result please

If not you can verify your iso by MD5 values to be sure that you have correct pardus image.


(martin) #3

Sorry, I don’t have any Windows system at home.

And for verify my iso by MD5…
I do not want to check because after reading the tutorial above, I think this is a daunting task.
I prefer use a iso.torrent, much more convenient because it is guaranteed without defects.

I wanted to know if the function “Check the CDrom integrity” works in Pardus Live USB flash drive for you ?
Do some have a positive result ?


(Mahmut Elmas) #4

Just checked and i have the same result on virtual device. I have not tried on real hardware


(system) kapatıldı #5

Bu konu son cevaptan 30 gün sonra otomatik olarak kapatıldı. Yeni cevap girilmesine izin verilmiyor.