Some programs too old on Pardus?

Good day !
I test Pardus 19.5 and Lubuntu 21.10.

For programs grisbi, keepassxc, thunderbird of course on Pardus I have fewer new options.
But it remains satisfactory.

On the other hand with Firefox 78.15, I have some discomfort…
_Unable to play a TV program on a broadcaster’s website.
_Unable to sign a SEPA on the website of my internet provider.
And other bad surfing sensations.
As Firefox 93 on Lubuntu, I did not have these problems.

With snapd, I couldn’t install some snaps (mistakes…).

I thought uninstall a program in Pardus and install a newer version following this order of better priority:
1/External deposit provided by the publisher of the software.
3/Manually installed deb package.

Do you think this will make Pardus more vulnerable and unstable?
Do you agree with my order of choices to install a newer program?

In Pardus strictly uses to debian releases of packages. And Pardus 19 is debian 9, So try Pardus 21, its more update, and use Flatpak priorly. Snap and ppa is not recommended for Pardus.

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No, Pardus 19 is based on Debian 10.
Pardus 17 is based on Debian 9.

Hello Dude, I Prefer To Use Chromium Rather Than Using Firefox Because I Was Getting This Error In Ubuntu 20.04 And I Bet You Will Get Fewer Errors In Chromium, Long Story Short I think if you haven’t tried it, you should try Chromium,By the way, you are right when you say, Pardus is another beautiful :slight_smile:

Just install apps on Flathub with Flatpak. I think it is the best way.

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Pardus follows Debian’s philosphy, keep packages freezed as much as possible. You could use flatpak or appimages if you want newer software.

I noticed that even Firefox 93:
_play a TV program on a broadcaster’s website work but with slowdown.
_does not access an important option of my internet router.
No same problems with Chromium !
It’s not the fault of Pardus or the version but Firefox in general.
It’s a shame because I’ve always used and loved Firefox, and I think it’s still a lot of download and plebiscite.

I installed Flatpak for have Firefox 96, Thunderbird 91…

But the height is that Flatpak is also too old.
When I try to install Chromium, the terminal tells me:
Failed to install org.chromium.Chromium: app/org.chromium.Chromium/x86_64/stable needs a later flatpak version (1.8.2)


Good news !
A new update of Pardus 19.5 brings us:
_Firefox 91.5.0 esr
_Thunderbird 91.5.0
Pardus 19.5 takes a facelift.
Thanks to the Pardus team.

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I always use apt in order to install programs.

Maybe, they want it to be more secure and stable. just I would like that too.


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