Which mail client would you guys recommend?

Selam guys, I just started using Linux / Pardus and looking for an modern and practical mail client.

Would be grateful for some recommendation.

Thanks in advance.

mozilla thunderbird is the best form me

i use thunderbird for enterprise about 3 years. i recommended.

Thunderbird is the best one.

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If you have more than 2 accounts than Thunderbird is still better, ıf you want to pay I really like eM Client, I have 2 accounts I use gmail to manage my outlook account as well. So I only use gmail web client. oh and Blue Mail is really good.

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Selam, thank you guys a lot check all of 'em.

  • Thunderbird is cool but tbh the UI but you know did not meet my taste.
  • eM Client looks nice but it seems like there is no linux support.
  • Blue Mail could be an alternative nice modern UI and a lot of features

During my research I found mailspring, which I liked most tbh. Me trying currently blue mail and mailspring.

Thank you guys a lot

For multiple e-mails usage, I’d recommend Thunderbird. If you’re interested for one e-mail usage, Geary is a good one I think.

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